Tenba Skyline 13 Backpack Multipurpose Photography Backpack

Brand: Tenba

Product Category : 攝影背包

SKU : TEN1038-1

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Tenba Skyline 13 Backpack Introduction

Tenba Skyline 13 Backpack is a multi-purpose camera backpack with ample capacity, a secure anti-theft design, and high-quality and durable materials. The meticulous design is unmatched! The zipper pocket at the front of the backpack can store small items such as notebooks, mobile phones, stationery, etc.; and the next pocket can hold a 13-inch laptop; the sides of the bag can store water bottles, sun eye boxes or two. Umbrella and other items; the zipper on the top of the big bag of the rucksack is zipped, and the inside is the compartment space of the small travel rucksack, which can accommodate coats, food or other travel necessities; the back of the rucksack is the compartment for accessing the camera and lens, which is enough to store A mirrorless or DSLR camera compatible with 3 to 5 lenses close to 70 to 200mm 2.8. The back of the Tenba Skyline 13 Backpack has an anti-theft design, because when the zipper behind the backpack is pulled, it is a special compartment for the camera. It is difficult for a pickpocket to steal the camera from the front or the side, and it is highly secure and can be used with absolute peace of mind. When outdoors, turn the side of the rucksack compartment to the sky, pick up or put down the camera product, and carry the rucksack again, dust or muddy water will not stain your clothes. The strap on the top of the back of the Tenba Skyline 13 Backpack, its velcro size is long and wide, so it is fixed on the suitcase and can be firmly tied to the handle of the suitcase, and it is not easy to shift. The material is high-quality and durable. The backpack is made of 600D waterproof polyester. Even if water is accidentally splashed on the surface of the bag, it can be solved by simply drying it. The reinforced stitching increases the durability. The YKK zipper is thicker, smoother, and has beautiful printing. Also enhances the appearance of the bag.

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  • 內部空間大,足以放置一部無反相機或DSLR相機,兼容納3至5個接近70至200mm 2.8的鏡頭;同時容納1部13英寸(33cm)的筆記本電腦
  • 絕妙的背部相機防盜設計
  • 於戶外放下背囊存取相機時,亦可避免塵土或泥水染上你的衣服
  • 旅行小背囊的間格設計,此空間設於背囊內的上方,通過頂部拉鍊就可看見,可容納外套、食物或其他旅行必需品
  • 背部設有魔術貼的背帶,尺寸可隨意調教,固定於行李箱上,不會容易移位
  • 採用600D防水物料及加固縫線
  • 設有功能及外觀都優質的YKK拉鍊

筆記本電腦隔層尺寸:23W X 30H X 1Dcm
尺寸:內尺寸:28W X 23H X 13Dcm
外形尺寸:30W X 42H X 19Dcm

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