Aputure amaran PT1c Pixel Bar

Brand: Aputure

Product Category : 攝影燈

SKU : APU1022

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Introduction to Aputure Amaran PT1c

The Aputure amaran PT1c is an ultra-portable 1ft battery-operated photography light stick, part of amaran's first line of full-color LED pixel light sticks. The Pixel Tube range includes a range of 1ft, 2ft and 4ft lengths - all featuring multiple Pixel FX, RGBWW color quality, support for phone app Sidus Link and DMX1 control, and USBC rechargeable batteries pack into their sleek and slim shape. The Aputure amaran PT1c is a compact, versatile tube light that unleashes creativity and opens up endless possibilities.

Aputure Amaran PT1c includes accessories

  • Amaran PT1c X1
  • USB Type-C charging cable (1.1m) X1
  • Carrying pouch X1
Product name: Aputure amaran PT1c
Color temperature: 2,700K – 10,000K
Color Rendering Index: (@ 5,600K) 95
Maximum output power: 6W
Maximum power consumption: 8W
Lumens: 370lm
Beam angle: 180º
Charging input: USB Type-C
Battery runtime: about 70 minutes @ 100% output
about 95 minutes @ 75% output
about 139 minutes @ 50% output
about 369 minutes @ 10% output
Battery voltage: 3.7V
Battery capacity: 2600mAh, 9.6Wh
Charging time: 110 minutes (5V/2A)
Wireless operating range: (Bluetooth) ≤80m / ≤262.5ft
Waterproof rating: IP20
Size: φ42 x 300mm
Weight: 315g


* The above product pictures are for reference only

* Licensed in Hong Kong, one year factory warranty

  • 1 英尺(30 厘米)便攜式電池供電 RGBWW 彩色 LED 像素管
  • 4 個獨立可控像素
  • 內置可拆卸 9.6Wh 18650 鋰離子電池
  • 180º 可旋轉塑料端蓋,內置磁鐵,可調節定位
  • 從 2,700K 到 10,000K 的完全可調 CCT
  • CRI:95,TLCI:98,TM-30 Rf(平均):92,TM-30 Rg(平均):100,SSI (D56):75,SSI(鎢):85
  • 完全可調的綠色-品紅色調整(全加/減綠色)
  • 具有白點 CCT 控制的高級 HSI
  • Sidus Link 藍牙應用程式控制
  • 通過具有 10 個內置 DMX 配置文件
  • 9 系統 FX:煙花、火、狗仔隊、故障燈泡、電視、脈衝、警車、閃電、派對燈
  • 7 像素 FX:顏色淡入淡出、顏色循環、一個像素追逐、兩個像素追逐、三個像素追逐、彩虹、像素火
  • 高輸出混合顏色的平滑擴散

產品名稱:Aputure amaran PT1c
色溫:2,700K – 10,000K
顯色指數:(@ 5,600K) 95
充電輸入:USB Type-C
電池運行時間:約 70 分鐘 @ 100% 輸出
約 95 分鐘 @ 75% 輸出
約 139 分鐘 @ 50% 輸出
約 369 分鐘 @ 10% 輸出
充電時間:110 分鐘 (5V/2A)
無線操作範圍:(藍牙) ≤80m / ≤262.5ft
尺寸:φ42 x 300mm

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