Wiral LITE with 360 camera, shoot a new angle! How to post-produce 360 ​​degree clips?

Subject: Is Wiral LITE the best accessory for a 360 camera? Learn how to post-produce 360 ​​videos on Pr!
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Wiral LITE 配搭360相機,拍出新角度!如何後製360度片段?
360 cameras give you a lot of freedom in content creation. Recreating 360 footage in post gives you the freedom to direct footage long after it is shot.
360 Panoramic Camera Advantages
A 360 panoramic camera is a camera that can shoot all the surrounding 360-degree scenes at one time. Generally, a consumer-grade 360 ​​camera has two ultra-wide-angle lenses, taking the camera body as the center point and shooting the whole picture outward. Panoramic cameras give you a lot of freedom in content creation, you can move the picture at will during post-production, and shoot unique effects. They're lightweight, compact, and portable, so it's no wonder that 360 cameras are all the rage these days, and their market share will only continue to expand in the coming years.
Shooting with a 360 camera on Wiral LITE
Wiral LITE is compatible with all action cameras, smartphones, 360° cameras or DSLRs up to 1.5kg, so a 360 camera is more than enough on Wiral LITE. Wiral LITE is a multi-functional camera ceiling system. After activation, users can adjust the speed of its front and rear movement through the remote control or mobile app. Shooting with a 360 camera can make the video more dynamic, and it can be viewed from point A. Move to point B, which is more flexible than shooting with a handheld 360 camera.
Wiral LITE配上Insta360 One X 圖片來源:Jakub Han
Wiral LITE with Insta360 One X
Image source: Jakub Han
The 360 ​​camera mounted on the Wiral LITE can shoot more wonderful videos
Take a look at the following demonstration video using the 360 ​​panoramic camera now, and feel the endless fun and eye-catching results of this combination!
Wiral LITE | 360° Camera Shots
Video source: Wiral Official YouTube Channel
How do I post-produce a 360-degree video?
Being able to recompose the shot in post-production gives you the freedom to control the direction of the shot after the footage is shot. You can decide which parts and angles of the shot convey relevant information more easily, simulate panning camera movement, change the angle of the shot, and increase or decrease the speed of the lens movement to have a greater impact on certain aspects of the shot.
Watch the short video below to quickly learn to post-produce 360 ​​video on Adobe Premiere Pro.
Wiral | How to Reframe 360 ​​Camera Footage
Video source: Wiral Official YouTube Channel
Wiral LITE with 360 camera can bring you unique shooting pleasure, because most aerial cameras on the market do not have 360 ​​lens. Hope you are interested in Wiral LITE and look forward to seeing you shooting more awesome content with them!
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