What is the camera orbit system? Is the Wiral LITE a replacement for a drone? What is the difference between the two?

Topic: More and more flight restrictions for aerial photography aircraft? What are the features of Wiral LITE and the camera ceiling system? How to use the camera overhead system to replace the aerial camera for shooting?

Wiral LITE vs Drones

As drone laws become stricter and laws are tightened around the world, Hong Kong is no exception. The government's Small Drone Order will take effect on June 1, 2022. And this type of camera ceiling system could become your go-to way to capture stunning, drone-like footage without a drone.

The pictures taken by the aerial camera are really wonderful

I believe you must have seen many wonderful short films shot with aerial cameras on social media platforms, and you are more likely to already own one or more aerial cameras. Whether you're shooting professional commercials for clients, micro-movies, wedding events, or you just want to capture some fun moments with your friends or family. Let's admit it: for a long time, it's been a cool thing to shoot with an aerial camera, and it's convenient and portable. But then we learned more about the laws related to drones and found that it is more and more difficult to fly with drones, making it impossible for me and you to record wonderful pictures anytime, anywhere.

Now, you may need to...

  1. Register your drone
  2. Take the exam and get the drone pilot qualification
  3. Get permission to shoot
  4. Best of all — drone laws are getting stricter now

Tighter drone flight restriction laws coming soon

I believe you all want to be able to use your drone safely, and you don’t want your expensive drone to hit the ground, a tree, or a nearby building. You'll need to spend hours learning how to control it before you start using it. So what should you do? The solution is simpler than you might think! You need to focus on what really matters to you - being creative and producing great short-form content. But how else can you achieve this without an aerial camera? Hmm, have you considered filming with a cable?

Wedding Photographer: "Wiral LITE makes it easy for me to capture great wedding footage indoors!"

How much is the aerial camera limited by the shooting location?

There are places where you cannot use a drone under any circumstances, such as near airports or military bases. Or maybe you find yourself in the middle of huge crowds and indoor event venues. At this time, if you carry a portable camera ceiling system - Wiral LITE in your backpack, you can immediately rest assured that you can shoot in this location.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO7ljArFhB4 Demonstration clip of using Wiral LITE at a live concert Video source: Wiral Official YouTube Channel

Workaround: Use the camera ceiling system — Wiral LITE

Camera overhead systems have been a staple in filmmaking and motion photography for decades, and continue to be used in larger budget Hollywood Hollywood productions and major sports events.


Wiral | Cable Camera Goes Where Drones Don't

Video source: Wiral Official YouTube Channel

You can use a camera overhead system in many places where it is difficult or impossible to use a drone. Use lens travel to shoot in tight spaces of all kinds, such as dense forests and trees, through cars, and in and out of windows. At the same time, you know that your gear will not be easily knocked and damaged. Shooting with a camera overhead system instead of a drone in tight or difficult-to-manage areas can keep your equipment safe. It also allows you to repeat the shot over and over again in those tricky spots until you're confident you've got the perfect shot.

Do I need to register in advance before using it? Is it easy to set up?

You can use Wiral LITE right out of the box. It's super easy to use, there's no need to report or register with the farm to use it. The best part is — you don't even need to pass any tests or get a special driving license to use the camera ceiling system.

Looking to capture aerial camera-like footage indoors?

It is well known that using drones in indoor places or places with large crowds is a dangerous behavior, so how to take aerial camera-like footage in a safe situation?


Wiral | Make Drone Shots Indoors With a Cable Camera

Video source: Wiral Official YouTube Channel

What shooting scenes may require the use of a camera overhead system? If you're shooting unique aerial shots for weddings, corporate events, or capturing live concerts and short films, or even showcasing beautiful interiors for your real estate business, using Wiral LITE is ideal! Although aerial cameras can take beautiful pictures, especially in indoor places, safety is a big concern! In addition, most aerial cameras cannot switch lenses at will, which limits the shooting! With Wiral LITE, you do not need to worry about the possibility of equipment collision and damage, and you can freely match with suitable photographic equipment, such as a 360 camera or a 4K professional mirrorless camera, allowing you to have more flexible shooting solutions.

Looking to shoot action shots outdoors?

Safety is especially important if you're shooting high-speed action footage. Do your friends or subjects feel comfortable with the drone close to them? Drones are unpredictable. In order for you to be able to focus on your creativity, you need to clear out any thoughts that have a chance of being distracting, and that's what a camera overhead system can provide.


Wiral | Capture High Speed Action With a Cable Cam

Video source: Wiral Official YouTube Channel


No longer subject to the legal constraints that drones face, you'll have more time to discover new camera angles. As a filmmaker, you will continue to explore and continue to improve. This is the reason for the birth of Wiral LITE, which is the world's first ultra-portable camera ceiling system, a good helper that can complement the lack of aerial photography.

An additional out-of-the-box review video with Chinese characters is included


Wiral LITE : The world's first portable camera ceiling system | Can it replace the aerial camera? Shooting an alternative new angle | The power of 35 kilometers per hour!

Video source: Kjack YouTube Channel

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