The second Cantonese Wiral LITE unboxing and review video! Share how camera sling systems differ from drones!

Subject: What's interesting about Wiral LITEplaying? How exactly is it different from a drone? Is there any use for the Wiral App?

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The world's first portable camera ceiling system! How is it different from a drone? What's the fun way to play? Wiral LITE Unboxing and Evaluation

Video source: Duncan Si Channel YouTube

Hong Kong's second Wiral LITE product unpacking and testing video released!
Thanks to Duncan Si Channel for the unboxing introduction!
Wiral LITE is a versatile camera ceiling system that has won the Red Dot Design Award 2019 and is compatible with all action cameras, smartphones, 360° cameras or DSLRs up to 1.5kg. It has time-lapse photography mode, normal mode, and sports mode. Users can download the official mobile app to wirelessly configure and control Wiral LITE.
The video details the difference between the camera sling system and the aerial camera!
The video also briefly shares how to use the Wiral App to control and experience a variety of gameplay !
Now you can use the discounted price when paying with e-coupons (Tap&Go, Alipay HK, WeChat Pay HK and Octopus)! Offers are first come first served!

You are welcome to leave a message under this article to share your views. At the same time, you can also share your shooting results with Wiral LITE on FaceBook/Instagram, and Hashtag #WiralHK, #WiralLITEHK, #WorldOfWiral, with everyone share!

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