PGYTECH Mantispod Pro Unboxing & Review Video! The Best Selfie Vlogging Artifacts of 2022!

Subject: Our YouTube channel, Duncan Si Channel, shot a video of unboxing and trying out the PGYTECH Mantispod Pro. What's so special about it? How is the price/performance ratio?
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The Best Selfie Vlogging Artifacts in 2022! There are many organs inside! PGYTECH Mantispod Pro Unboxing and Review

Video source: Duncan Si Channel YouTube

This video unpacks the PGYTECH Mantispod Pro, which has won the Red Dot Design Award 2021. It has a variety of mechanisms and shooting modes, which is convenient for all creators to travel around the world. One of the legs has a built-in detachable mini phone mount that allows you to shoot quickly and share your clips instantly with your phone/camera, making it the Duncan Si's newest filming tool.

PGYTECH Mantispod Pro Features:

  • Hidden mobile phone holder design

  • Up to seven different shooting modes

  • Very light and portable

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