Atomos Ninja V/Ninja V+ professional accessories are officially launched! AtomX CAST makes Ninja V/Ninja V+ a multi-machine live broadcast artifact in seconds!

Subject: Atomos has officially released the latest accessories of the Ninja V series, let's take a look at the functions and find out the official suggested retail price in Hong Kong!
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Atomos announced in June this year that it will launch the Atomos AtomX CAST, an accessory for Ninja V-series video recording monitors, which can be turned into a live switcher after installation, allowing users to Multi-camera live streaming is easy, and now it's officially here!

Switch, Stream and Record with the NINJA CAST

Video source: Atomos official YouTube channel

AtomX CAST Introduction
AtomX CAST is a modular extension accessory for the Ninja V and Ninja V+, bringing advanced multi-camera signal input and switching capabilities to the Ninja V and +. The concept behind it is to provide an easy way for anyone to produce high broadcast quality multicam live streams that can be used for online conferences, concerts, live launches and more. By simply installing the Ninja V on the AtomX Cast, users can instantly create an all-in-one live screen switching broadcast device!
Image source: Atomos
Users only need to install Ninja V/Ninja V+ on the AtomX Cast, and the combination will become Ninja CAST, which combines Ninja V's award-winning high-quality 5-inch ultra-bright HDR touch display with 4 Combined with multiple HDMI input ports and multiple physical buttons, you can instantly create an all-in-one real-time screen switching live broadcast device! Whether using a video camera, game console, or any other HDMI signal source, you can use the touch monitor or physical buttons to switch between these images and output the images.
Atomos CEO: "Ninja CAST is the best solution for portable broadcast quality production, allowing you to stream or record on Ninja, and we think it's a perfect combination!"
Provide the same professional functions
The easy-to-use AtomX CAST comes with different features such as: Add Logo, Intro, Header Image, Subtitles, Picture-in-Picture and more to make your live broadcasts look more professional! All post-processing is done by CAST's high-performance processor, which is simple and convenient!
Image source: Atomos
Up to four HDMI inputs
AtomX CAST supports up to four HDMI HD 1080p 60fps signal inputs, which can be connected to game consoles, camcorders or other devices. When conducting larger live broadcasts, multiple cameras are often used to obtain better shooting effects. At this time, CAST can come in handy!
Photo credit: Atomos
Easy Setup, Run and Gun!
The combination of Atomos Ninja CAST is a fully functional stand-alone multi-camera switcher, multi-viewer monitor and broadcast quality recording equipment, users do not need to connect to an additional display, because the Ninja V on the CAST can monitor all input signal and PGM output.It is about the size of the palm of your hand, easy to set up, and easy to carry. Whether it is a small team or a single soldier, you can start live streaming anytime, anywhere
No complicated settings (as shown above)
The Atomos Ninja CAST simply connects directly to a computer via USB-C and is automatically recognized as a high-quality "camera" without any driver installation. It can be directly used with all online meeting and live broadcast software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meeting, OBS, etc., as the high-definition video input source of the camera to conduct meetings and live broadcasts. The built-in signal synchronization function of CAST can synchronize the frame rate (FPS) and interlaced/progressive signal (PAL/NTSC) of all signals, so there is no need to worry about synchronization problems often encountered in multi-cam production.
AtomosX Cast
Image credit: Atomos
Other Product Features
  • Compact Quad HDMI Docking Station

  • Convert Ninja V/V+ monitors to switchers

  • Four HDMI inputs

  • Graphic overlay, picture-in-picture, subtitle output

  • Mixed resolution output up to 1080p60

  • Mirror, Program, Preview, Four-in-One Display

  • Using AtomX Connect for UVC/Live Streaming

  • Use the touch screen on the Ninja V

  • Support output to recording device

Hong Kong Official Suggested Retail Price

Atomos AtomX CAST

Suggested retail price: HK$3,450

Atomos Ninja V

5-inch 4K video recording monitor

Suggested retail price: HK$5,980

Atomos Ninja V

Atomos Ninja V+

5.2 inch 8K video recording monitor

Suggested retail price: HK$13,100
Atomos Ninja V+
Image source: Atomos
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