🌟DJI ACTION 2 is officially here🎉🌟

DJI Action 2 has an innovative design and flagship performance. It adopts an innovative magnetic expansion design, which can quickly switch camera forms and adapt to a variety of shooting✌🏻. At the same time, it also adopts a modular design👏🏻, free to convert the front screen expansion module or battery life kit. It has strong waterproof💧, dustproof, anti-drop performance, and has powerful shooting modes📷 such as time-lapse photography, 8️⃣ times slow motion, and digital zoom.

Product Features:

✅Polymorphic Magnetic Expansion

✅4K/120fps and ultra-wide angle

✅Lightweight and easy to wear

✅HorizonSteady "Horizon" stabilization

✅10m bare metal waterproof

✅One-click editing

There are two models of DJI Action 2, the battery pack and the dual-screen pack😉

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DJI Action 2


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